On Being Your Own Worst Enemy...

What happens when you realize you have been holding yourself back?

That the very things you have been working so hard on, have, inevitably, left you unfulfilled?

And all along, when you're being really honest with yourself, you knew they would?

What happens when you come face to face with your own resistance?

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Mo Kilpin
Being "High-Vibe" or "Spiritual" Doesn't Mean You Are Happy All The Time & Life Is Easy

Guys, this is really important.

Believing the Universe is conspiring in your favor, doesn't mean that it's gonna be smooth sailing from here on out.

Shit will still get heavy, and hard, and messy, and complicated.

The idea, is that you have faith in the mess. You have Source to draw strength from. You believe that "bad" things come into your life to teach you something that ultimately you need to know.

I've been through some things.
My heart has been broken more times than I can count (and I don't just mean in regard to relationships).

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Mo Kilpin
In The Name of Safety... or Everything I Would Have Missed

People have been telling me all my life that I can't do things... because I was a child, because I was a girl, because I was young, because I was beautiful, because I was unrefined, because I was inexperienced... the list goes on.

They tried to build a box around me. They called it a house, and promised it was there for my protection.

They said, "You will get hurt." and "It's not worth it." and "Trust me."

The things people will give up in the name of safety.

I didn't listen. Not the first time, or any other. The more times I was told I couldn't, the more I was determined to.

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Mo Kilpin
Inhale. Exhale. Keep going.

When I started my business, I had nothing. We were living in poverty. I worked in Canva on a $200 chromebook (a TINY, cheap laptop that only works within the browser... no software, no photoshop, no adobe anything...). I didn't have a website, and I couldn't even afford the $20 for my domain when I finally put together a free Weebly site. Squarespace was out of the question because it required a paid subscription. I could only use free tools, and I couldn't hire any one for anything.

My mindset was "There is never enough." and "We are always broke."

But I knew I couldn't stay there...

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Mo Kilpin
My Journey to Illumination

I used to feel like a storm. Something people loved to marvel at from afar, but up close I was too much noise, too much force, too much. I struggled between two poles of light and dark. I could flash and rage, and I could be still. I could be loud and charismatic, and I could be quiet and cool.

I felt things deeply. All things. There was no holding back. And I just couldn't understand why no one else seemed to feel it. The buzz. The life. The tragedy...

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Mo Kilpin