Inhale. Exhale. Keep going.

When I started my business, I had nothing. We were living in poverty. I worked in Canva on a $200 chromebook (a TINY, cheap laptop that only works within the browser... no software, no photoshop, no adobe anything...). I didn't have a website, and I couldn't even afford the $20 for my domain when I finally put together a free Weebly site. Squarespace was out of the question because it required a paid subscription. I could only use free tools, and I couldn't hire any one for anything.

My mindset was "There is never enough." and "We are always broke."

But I knew I couldn't stay there, despite having built my house on Brokeass Hill.

My first affirmation was, "I already have everything I need for the life that I want."

And within a few months, I had a new computer, expensive tools, a SS website and actual domain, a steady flow of clients, and even some paid help.

It felt amazing. I coasted there for a year, but I'll tell you, it didn't feel like coasting. It felt like fear, hard work, heartbreak, leaps of faith, and blinding believing that I had what I needed already.

But after a year, I was itching to grow. I was destined for so much more, and I was over playing small.

So I set new goals at the beginning of this year, and to my delight, I hit them! January, February, March... and then, all of a sudden, everything went still. I was doing all the same things, I was talking to just as many people, I was connecting and I was hearing rave reviews, but I wasn't making sales.

Inhale. Exhale.
Keep going.

Three weeks later, It was getting to me. But I put my nose down and kept pushing.

Another week and I was breaking apart, but I didn't allow myself to stop.

This is not a story of burn out. I've done that song and dance, and this is not it. This is a story about Faith.

I took time to have fun. I grounded. I got fresh air. I played with my son. I networked. I asked for the sale. I polished off things that had been neglected, and finished client projects to squeals of delight (because I AM magic).

But still, no new sales.

Inhale. Exhale.

My composure crumbled, but my faith did not.

Dry spells happen. That's something you should know right now if you are, or want to be, an entrepreneur. It something you should plan for, but be careful not to expect it. No matter how counter-intuitive that sounds.

Bills came in, things came up, and everything was paid for.


And then, as the last of my back up funds trickled away, I MADE A SALE. A sale that I had been working on for WEEKS. Then another one. And another one. And yet another! Just like that, in TWO DAYS, I SMASHED my $ goal for the month.

And that's when it hit me like a brick wall. I always had JUST ENOUGH. Never more.

My very first affirmation came to mind. The affirmation that I had tailored all following affirmations to: "I ALREADY HAVE everything I need for the life that I want."

It was exactly what I needed to hear when I had nothing. When I was poverty stricken, strung out, and hungry.

But now, now I have embodied that. I am fine, just fine. But I'm ready... no, I'm ACHING for more.

I have the power inside me. I have the skills to pay the bills.

What I do not have, however, is the mindset that this isn't about getting by anymore.

I am not poor. I am not poor. I am not poor.

I do not always have just enough.

I want MORE. I can achieve MORE. I am built for MORE.
And I'm going to have more.

When you come to the end of the road you've been traveling on, you do not walk in place. You take a new road.

And when that new road scares the bejeezus out of you, when it's dark and lonely, and you can't really see where it's leading you...

Inhale. Exhale. KEEP GOING.

Because complacency is for the birds. And you, my friend, are worth SO MUCH MORE.

Mo Kilpin