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Canva 4 Noobs

Guides + Templates for getting the most out of

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What's Inside:

Learn the top tricks and techniques I used to make my graphics look polished and professional with ONLY Canva in this all-encompasing 22 tip guide


What's Inside: 

  • An introduction to your new features
  • A step-by-step walk-through of each feature, and how to utilize them

This includes setting up your Brand Kit (brand colors, font pre-sets, custom fonts & logos), downloading with a transparent background, making copies, re-sizing designs, using folders, setting templates, and more!



What's inside:

With super easy to use Canva Templates,
you can create your own Moo d Board and Style Sheet right in Canva.
Consistent and beautiful branding has never been so simple!

template previews:

*Comes with 1 Style Sheet Template and 4 Mood Board Templates