What is it?

This 8 week brand building course will guide you through discovering and connecting with what makes you unique and unmistakable. Learn what a brand needs, establish your visual branding, and infuse your brand and business with your unique magic. So you stand out, right from the get-go.

What does it cover?

Everything you need to create an authentic and magical brand (both visually and otherwise).

  • You will start by connecting with yourself and becoming in tune with what would be most authentic for your brand. You will determined your brand values and mission statement, go over titles, style, look and feel, ideal clients, and how you want them to feel when they interact with your brand.
  • Then you will be guided through how to make sure your visual branding represents those things, and aligns with your goals. It will help you choose your colors, fonts, and textures, compile a Style Sheet, and create a mood board.
  • Lastly, the course covers design basics, and how to best use Canva to DIY graphics for your business. This includes: Facebook Covers, Social Media Posts, Email Headers, Website Headers, and Logos (but more what a logo should be, and less the actual creation of one).

when does it start?

Course releases Monday, August 7th, 2017.
All course material will be available at that point, but it is
recommended that you work through one module a week.



The full breakdown of what's included looks like this:


Weekly modules


Week 1

Mindset basics. Maintaining the best mindset for a creative and conscious brand. Your Core Desired Feelings and Values. Write your mission statement.

Week 2

Dive deep into your
big why, your story, and why telling it matters. Incorporate your
unique gifts into
your brand to attract dream clients and opportunities.

Week 3

Outline your ideal
client relationship,
what benefits your
clients get from
working with you,
and how you want
your brand to make
them feel.

Week 4

the intricacies
of your
ideal client,
and create
your Ideal
Client Avatar


Week 5

An introduction
to brand visuals:
colors, textures, icons, style, feel.
Brand consistency. Finding high-quality
stock photos.

Week 6

Choosing fonts,
colors, textures,
and other visual
elements for
your brand.
Anatomy of a logo. Creating a Style Sheet.

Week 7


Week 8

The dos
and don'ts
of social
media graphics
and more.


Your Investment:

$444 USD

or 2 payments of $222



Deck will be released August 7th, 2017 and then shipped to the address you provide.