Let me ask you a question:
What do you do better than absolutely everyone in the entire universe?

Do you know?

I do. I know what makes you sparkle and shimmer. I know what illuminates your soul purpose, what captivates your tribe, what makes your audience fall in love, mesmerized and inspired by your light.

I know what you do better than anyone else ever could.

You are You.

I know, I know. You're all, "I see what you did there!" or "Oh, so we're asking trick questions now." I get it. You think that's a cop out. You think it MUST be more complicated than that.

But don't you see that's the only reason it isn't working yet?

You can't find outside of yourself something that resides within.

You keep searching, playing the part, lining all your ducks in a row and waiting for your ship to come in. But this is your story. You're the hero. This is your purpose. And your purpose is bigger than you, but it starts with you. 

Know yourself intimately, and build a brand that reflects YOUR heart. That is what they will come for, that is how they will find you. Share your heart and soul with your people. Let your courage and strength inspire. Let your light captivate.

Keep them wanting more.

If you're ready to... 

✓ Go from unnoticed to unmistakable
✓ Be passionately and uniquely you
✓ Share your biz with confidence and zeal

You're in luck.

Together we will create a brand that illuminates YOU.
Like a lighthouse, guiding your dream clients safely to shore.

Inside magical you : brand suite

  • .png, .jpg, and .ps files
  • Greyscale, white, full color versions, with and without background
  • Style Sheet - clearly laying out fonts, colors, and textures

First, we'll discuss your vision, preferences, and tastes. Then we will brainstorm creative ways to fill in the gaps, and tie up any loose ends. So you have everything you need to launch your new brand!

4 branded.png
  • 2 Meme Templates
  • 1 PDF Template (cover + body page)
  • 1 Facebook Cover
  • These items can be customized, contact me to discuss additional options.

Your Investment:

$911 USD

(or 2 payments of $460)

I am totally in love with you! Thank you so much! I could not be more proud of this work! I love my FB page so much! I feel like you captured my work so well!
— Lisa Smith, The Peaceful Parent
Can we just talk about happy? I can’t wait to change my fb group cover and update all my banners... Thank you Mo, I am so happy I found you. Now I am really excited about my website banner!
— Kadidja Yansane, Bloom Into You


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Magical You:
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