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Magical Biz Bestie VIP



  • Intuitive/spiritual guidance:
    - Weekly card pulls on Sunday (weekly forecast), Wednesday (re-calibration), and Friday (weekend forecast) delivered via messenger or email.
  • Monthly Brain dump calls (30 minutes):
    - Get it all out there. Everything you're thinking about. All your ideas, tasks, wants, needs. Everything bouncing around in your head.
    - We will then prioritize brain dump items.
    - You will walk away from the call with what needs to be focused on first, what's next, what needs to be tabled, what needs to be thrown out.
  • Monthly Brain Storm calls (60 Minutes):
    - Based on the results of the Brain Dump call we will create action steps.
    - I will connect you to resources/people, as needed.
    - And we will create actionable goals for each day, week, and for the month as a whole. 
  • Messenger Support:
    - My "office hours" will be between 2pm - 5pm EST. This is when I will respond to your messages. You can message me at any time.
    - Ask all your random and burning questions.
    - Get another set of eyes on a project/ design/ copy/ offer/ etc.
    - Celebrate a win!!!
    - Lament the struggle, because it is REAL and I have been there. And we all need someone to talk to who GETS IT.
  • Accountability:
    - Via email or messenger, I will reach out once a week to see how you're doing with your goals, if you need some readjustment or encouragement, and help you stay on track.
  • Magical Biz Bestie FB Group
    - Also sold alone as a membership group, if that's more your thing (Just $22/month).
  • Free Bonuses!

Dip Your Toes

3 month package

Dive Head First

6 month package