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Being able to give back is one of the greatest driving forces behind my business.

This is where my creativity, skill, and passion for helping others come together.

The projects I choose to take on Pro Bono are very close to my heart. They are all about having VISION and creating IMPACT.

I currently take on just one pro bono project at a time, so that I can dedicate as much of my time and energy to the work as possible.

Right now, I’m working with AccessibilityPSA on branding and web design, but it wont be long before I’m looking for a new Pro Bono project to take on!

Do you think YOUR PROJECT is deserving?

  1. Does your project center a greater vision for the future?

  2. Is one of it’s ultimate goals to effect positive change?

  3. Does it improve the world or help others?

  4. It it non-profit?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, I just might be the designer for you!

Just fill out the following form to apply to be my next Pro Bono Project.

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#AccessibilityPSA is helping to educate folks about the importance of accessibility and other disability rights issues. At 25% of the population, they believe the disabled community deserves a much louder voice!

They work with small businesses, individuals, municipalities, educational institutions, professionals, and politicians to help cultivate an accessible, equal society, starting in the New England area.

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