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How it works:

This is a donation based scholarship program. Every time the donation pool hits 2K I will offer one woman a website, branding package, or support package absolutely free. Scholarship recipients will need to apply (form below), and specify which of the three options they want to receive. Anyone who donates will also be eligible to apply, but that wont necessarily make it more likely to be chosen.

The donation pool will be tracked right here on this page.
And scholarships given out will also be tracked here.

Because transparency.

Current Donation Pool Progress: $0/$2000
Scholarships Given Since Jan. 2018: 0

There is no minimum or maximum amount you can give. Whether you have a little or a lot to offer, just know this will go towards helping a women who both needs and deserve this, to create the business and life of her dreams.

Together we rise.

Are you drooling over this amazing offer?
Do you believe with your whole heart that you deserve to be considered as a recipient of this scholarship?
Do you promise to use this gift to achieve your best life?


P.S. No shaming or guilt here. We all need help sometimes. If you want it, apply for it.