graphic & branding packages

Full logo design |

Text-based $222 | Image/icon based $444

  • .psd, .png, .jpg, transparent, and grey-scale files included
  • Style Sheet (summary of fonts, colors, and logo variations) included

Individual Graphics |

$48 ea.

  • Social media covers, memes, and ads
  • Website banners and graphics
  • Opt-in, newsletter, and funnel graphics
  • Blog graphics
  • Gift certificates and flyers
  • Business card designs

Social Media Package |

Total Value: $336 | Your Investment: $288

  • 1 Facebook Cover
  • 2 Meme Templates
  • 2 Fully Designed Memes
  • 2 Ad Graphics

*Second payment will be due two weeks after the first payment.

Opt-in + Funnel Package |

Total Value: $240 | Your Investment: $188

  • 1 PDF Template (cover design and body page design)
  • 1 Newsletter Graphic and 1 Email Signature
  • 1 Ad Graphic
  • 1 Landing page/website Banner

*Second payment will be due two weeks after the first payment.

E-book Design |

Template: $48 | Additional Pages: $14 ea.

  • PDF Template (cover design and body page design)
  • Additional pages, fully designed, content added, ready to go 

What should your website be?

It's not just a dump all for information about your business.
And if you treat it that way, you're probably wondering why it's so hard to get clients.

Your website is your HOME on the internet. It should reflect you, be comfortable, easy
to navigate and welcoming. But most of all, it should encourage a CONNECTION
between you and your potential clients.

So REALLY what should your website be? 

  • A breath-taking and personal web presence
  • A home for soul branding, elegant design, and intuitive flow
  • A catalyst for true connection and engagement with your ideal clients

Your website should
work for you

If your website isn't pulling it's weight, then you're working harder than you need to be.
Or maybe you're facing blocks that you don't need to face.
Whatever the case may be, your website doesn't need to be shameful and frustrating.
It doesn't need to cause headaches and panic attacks. And it definitely doesn't need to be something you actually end up HIDING from your clients because it is just that bad. 

I want the design process to be effortless for you, and the end result to speak to your soul.

You deserve a website you're madly in love with

A website you can't wait to share.
A website that illuminates your soul calling.
A website that resonates with your ideal clients.
A website that turns "Maybe" into "Hell Yes!"

You deserve a website that works for you, and actually feels like HOME. Not just to you, but to those whom you desire to serve as well. Together, we will create a space that you can cherish.

What's Inside:


  • An elegant and easy-to-use website built on Squarespace
  • Custom designed graphics and high-quality stock photos (or your personal, professional photos) - for a unique and personal feel
  • Fully integrated social media and newsletters - for seamless posting and email capture
  • Opt-in Set up and integration
  • Fully integrated e-commerce and shop set-up
  • Graphics, templates, color codes, fonts*, and stock photos will be disclosed for your use

Your Unapologetic Website takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete.

Package Options


  • All of the above
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Brand ID Mood Board

Investment: $688 USD


  • All of the above
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Brand ID Mood Board

Investment: $1444 USD


  • All of the above
  • Unlimited pages
  • Brand ID Mood Board
  • Custom logo design with Style Sheet
  • 3 additional graphics of your choice.

Investment: $2444 USD

Not 100% sure what you need? That's alright!
Book a free Brandstorming Session and we'll hammer out all the details together.

Webhomes I have created

the vital mama website.png

together we will
create a brand you're madly in love with


✗  Obsess over what other people think
✗  Find yourself apologizing for who you are or how you talk
✗  Hide behind a mask because you're worried about coming on too strong
✗  Are sick of living in a space of excuses
✗  Are ready to claim your genius & create a brand that declares it proudly

If your brand feels phony, bland, or disconnected...

Yikes. No one should settle for that.
Let me help you build a brand that you're excited to share with the world.
A brand that feels like a second skin. A brand that you are madly in love with.

Branding yourself unapologetically means not only being seen & heard, but captivating your ideal clients.

If you're ready to... 

✓ Go from unnoticed to unmistakable
✓ Be passionately and uniquely you
✓ Share your biz with confidence and zeal

You're in luck.

Your Unapologetic Brand will help you to do just that!

> > what comes with Your Unapologetic Brand? < <


Your Investment:


(or 2 payments of $344)

I am totally in love with you! Thank you so much! I could not be more proud of this work! I love my FB page so much! I feel like you captured my work so well!
— Lisa Smith, The Peaceful Parent
Can we just talk about happy? I can’t wait to change my fb group cover and update all my banners... Thank you Mo, I am so happy I found you. Now I am really excited about my website banner!
— Kadidja Yansane, Bloom Into You