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What Do I Do Differently?

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Well, that's easy, Jess.

(May I call you, Jess? lol jk that's probably not your name.)

My personal brand of magick is threefold:


1. My work is largely intuitive and energetic.

I don't just make pretty designs (although, I do that damn well). But with all my design work, I pour energy into everything I create. I hold the intention for your project and intuitively channel your vision onto my "canvas." I infuse each design with the energy of your mission, the energy to call in your dream clients, to make them feel at home with you. It's not just design, and it's not even just intuitive, it's intentional and attuned. Therefore, it requires a lot of energy.

2. I'm damn good at my job.

I'm creative af. My designs are gorgeous, they flow, they speak to the soul, they captivate. They are not just passable, or nice. It's not just "good design." No. It's energetic, artistic expression. My work is a masterpiece, created to serve you.

3. My work is not just design, it's not just energetic, and it's not just energetic design.

I offer practical advice. Business support. Visual Brand Strategy & Planning. Intuitive insight. Tech help. Message tweaking. Card pulls. I'm both sides of the coin: Spiritual and Practical. I'm the whole package. I will design gorgeous visuals, help you navigate tech, and talk you through all those mini (and sometimes not so mini) breakdowns that go along with spiritual growth and entrepreneurship. I have a network of other awesome people to connect you with, and a library of resources to help you out with pretty much anything you may need.


You're relatively new at this whole having your own business thing.
You're beginning to discover how complex, demanding, and emotional it is.
You're realizing that to grow your business, you have to grow your self, and that means healing, unlearning, and investing into your self spiritually and energetically.

You're ready to do the work required of you to grow, to manifest your desires, and to thrive.

You want someone who will help you with the practical, visual, and spiritual sides of your business. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or just know where you want to go, I can guide you through: 

  • Nailing and creating your visual brand

  • Honing in on your mission and message

  • Developing and trusting your intuition

  • Deepening self-love and confidence

  • Putting all the necessary pieces in place

  • and Launching your project in full


From Social Media graphics to Websites,
from sales pages to PDF design...

I can show you how to harness your magical potential.


Dive In Head First

You want access to all the magick I have to offer. I'm your designer, your magical biz bestie, your not-so-secret weapon, your genie in yoga pants.


Dip Your Toes

Some of the Magick, all of the "Oh, fuck yes!"

Meet Mo

I make a lot of gorgeous shit for a lot of badass people. I have a passion for creation, growth, and helping others develop radical self love by encouraging and guiding them on their journey of knowing themselves. And by holding the space for powerful healing and transformation.

I am an old soul, truth-teller, serial day-dreamer, and hopeless romantic. I collect beautiful things, and have mad love affairs with sit-coms, words, art, stars, coffee & dark chocolate. I spend my free time binge watching, practicing rituals, playing with my son, creating, and helping people.